Year 3 (2020-21)

Year 3 continues to focus on the Primary Priority area of Embedding educational structures in Azerbaijan universities through ongoing development of the educator community and channels for knowledge-exchange in a primarily digital format; and the completion of a consultation activity to advise the Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan on the means and benefits of embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship education in the curriculum.  However, given the impact of special circumstances in both partner countries in 2020, special focus is directed to Secondary Priority Areas this year of Capacity development for young entrepreneurs/students and integrating industry/local ecosystem into the project. The focus in Year 3 is to draw on ways to enhance and engage the broader eco-system which is particularly relevant in a year in which University education is likely to be mostly online in the UK and either online or not taking place in Azerbaijan. We plan on using the central position of CAERC to establish ways to reach beneficiaries beyond Azerbaijan university channels with a focus on aspiring young entrepreneurs and will co-facilitate an international challenge event involving industry to enhance capacity-building and professional development.