Year 2 (2019-20)

1.  Enhancing the quality of entrepreneurial education in Azerbaijan. Through continuing the “train the trainers” programme we will enhance skills in entrepreneurial education, helping educators to implement action plans and evaluate their practice across the partner universities. This involves at least 12 university educators.

2.  Supporting the development and growth of new enterprises by young entrepreneurs. Through a second “Createathon” workshop in Azerbaijan and support to CAERC’s digital trade hub, we will enhance young people’s ability to create high quality and sustainable new enterprises. For instance, the “Createathon” workshop is a two-day intensive facilitated workshop where students work with small creative and cultural enterprises to address business challenges.

3.  Promote the British Council’s English Learning Programme and digital learning platforms as well as the Big Ideas Challenge. This will increase young people’s proficiency in English as well as given the content of the learning resources, their employability and enterprise skills. Uptake of the resources will be promoted by the in-country project manager.

The project has four main audiences: entrepreneurial educators in Azerbaijan, students in Azerbaijan, young Azerbaijani entrepreneurs (registered in portal) and entrepreneurial educators and academics in the UK and globally. Communication activities are tailored to each particular audience’s needs.

a) Entrepreneurial educators: Educators participated in the “train the trainer” programme in Baku and a selected group attended a study tour to Newcastle in Year 1. Mentoring to help implement action plans developed by entrepreneurial educators will occur in Year 2. Intended beneficiaries: 12 educators from three partner universities (40:60 ratio F/M).

b) Students: The in-country project manager will continue delivering introductory sessions face-to-face with students in Azerbaijan universities and promote use of British Council online learning tools as well as the student enterprise award. This will be in Azerbaijani. Project information is integrated into the website in both English and Azerbaijani will be maintained by the project manager who will also promote activities to students via social media. An expected number of students will be at least 1,000 (50:50 ratio F/M).

c) Young entrepreneurs in the creative industries: Communication will be largely via the website and social media. Expected number of entrepreneurs will be 25 (40:60 ratio F/M).

d) Entrepreneurial educators and academics in the UK and globally, as well as education officials: Lessons from the project will be written up in a briefing note for use by educators in Azerbaijan, UK and elsewhere. It is intended to submit a report to the Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan regarding integrating entrepreneurial education