Createathon Toolkit


A Createathon is an intensive workshop programme which brings together teams of talented students, academic staff, and small creative enterprises to work on the enterprises' current business challenges and opportunities.  

Through our Creative Spark project we have run Createathons in Baku (in-person) in 2019 and a Virtual Createathon (online) in 2021 and we want to encourage educators worldwide to try running a Createathon by providing this Createathon Toolkit.

Within this Toolkit you will find:​​

  • What benefits you can expect from running a Createathon for creative enterprises and students

  • How to prepare to run a Createathon

  • Outlines of the workshop sessions (and a rationale for each component)

  • Downloadable/editable templates​

  • 'How to' guides for participants​

The Createathon Toolkit is designed to provide resources for you to navigate your delivery of a createathon. This toolkit is not intended to be proscriptive and you are encouraged to substitute learning activities (tools) into your delivery design, as best fits your intended audience.