Pitching Resources

The abilitiy to engage learners, to simplify and convincingly present ideas to a panel, by crafting concise messages, will be useful for anyone developing a pitch!  

Arguably one of the most important stages to develop certainty in the idea and increase confidence in the both the validity and the delivery of the idea, pitching can also feel like one of the most daunting aspects of the early stages of idea development (and even further into the journey for some!). The purpose of focussing on developing pitching resources was to alleviate some of the anxieties around pitch development and we used trusted professional experts in pitch development, specialising in tech and research. 

The Pitching Resources cover things like: 

  • How to prepare a pitch?
  • What is crucial for successful delivery?
  • What is the structiure of a successful pitch?
  • What to focus on the most?

Want to learn more about pitching ideas? We created this short animation to help you - Pitching Ideas