Service Examples

The Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) at Newcastle Helix has succesfully helped SMEs, universities and research institutions to collaborate around CPS and develop new products and lines of work. Here are a few examples of succcess stories from our services.


"The funding provided by the [DIH] network allowed us to spend time to develop a prototype implementation of our ideas, and to identify new markets ... [and] provided our staff with training ... and helped us during the project actively"

The DIH at Newcastle brought together partners and facilitated technology transfer from Aarhus University to West IT (SME) through training, guidance and support, to help West Consulting build a demonstrator to attract new business in the transport sector.

"The experiment assessed the benefits and the maturity level of model-driven engineering technologies for future adoption into CPS-based production systems"

The DIH at Newcastle facilitated technology providers Aarhus University and Controllab Products (SME) to work with University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu, Romania to address the needs of Continental Automotive. his experiment transferred CPS technology to the development of a cyber-physical production systems. The DIH at Newcastle provided expertise and training in collaborative model-based design while the DIH at fortiss, Munich provided training and domain expertise in automated manufacturing. 

"[We] will apply the model-to-code transformation capabilities that they have acquired to improve their services in customer projects"

The DIH at Newcastle facilitated an experiment in developing tools to help improve the design of control systems in buildings to reduce CO2 emissions. The project facilitated collaboration between ULMA Embedded Solutions (SME), LKS, and Mondragon Univerity that has continued after the experiment finished. The DIH brought expertise and training in modelling and tool integration which has been adopted in other projects.