Our Lab specialises in supporting techniques for modelling and simulation, particularly for cyber-physical systems (CPS).  In this section you can read about the tools and technologies we support, and how they can be exploited by engineers working in design of cyber-physical systems to tackle some key design challenges.

Find out what a CPS is here.

Introducing modelling and simulation for CPS

CPSs are, by definition, cross-disciplinary systems that require input from hardware engineers, software engineers and potentially from other experts. Each discipline has developed its own modelling tools and techniques. For example, many engineers may use bond graphs or physics models to design mechanical and electrical systems, whilst computer scientists can choose to use a variety of software modelling techniques. Both hardware and software modelling techniques rely on a mathematically-rigorous model of the system with sufficient accuracy that it can be used to make predictions about the final system's behaviour. These predictions can be helpful for studying proposed system designs.  

In this section you can read about different modelling platforms we support, and some case studies of businesses we've worked with to test out cutting edge approaches.

Read about Overturea tool supporting modelling in the VDM notation.

Read about Crescendo, a tool supporting collaborative modelling between different engineering disciplines.

Read about Symphony, a toolsuite supporting modelling of systems of systems.

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