Cyber-Physical Lab

Welcome to the website of the Cyber-physical Lab at Newcastle University. We are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from across the University who are interested in the design of cyber-physical systems: large systems that combine hardware, software, networking and control, examples including many future “smart” technologies, e.g. Smart Cities, Smart Grids, and Smart Buildings.  You can read more about our work and our current team and project work on this site.

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Many businesses already contribute towards CPSs without realising it.  Find out what a CPS is and whether you're working in CPS engineering.

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The Cyber-Physical Lab is a key component of Newcastle University's £58 million investment in urban sustainability research.  Read about our ground-breaking new research facilities.

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Cyber-Physical technologies can help us tackle many important future societal challenges.  Find out why universities, businesses and governments are all concentrating on CPSs.

See our staff and read about their research interests here.

Find out about the cutting edge tools and techniques we support, and read case studies illustrating how they can be applied to help real businesses working in CPSs.

We are involved in many national and international research projects relevant to CPSs.  Find a list of our current projects here.