For Stakeholders

Our project aims to develop tools to measure Arabic-speaking children's language development to promote the early detection of language difficulties across the Middle East.

We are also working to gain an understanding of the root causes of educational inequalities including socioeconomic vulnerability and variability of childcare provision in the Middle East with a focus on Lebanon. We will determine the impact of these factors on language development and promote increased provision of oral language development in the curriculum. 

Our project also aims to enhance the life chances of young Syrian and Palestinian refugees by improving access to the Lebanese early years curriculum, increase enrolment in primary school and promote parents' involvement in their child's early education.

These aims will contribute to policy changes that will ground the importance of language development in the early years.


We are working with a variety of stakeholders including NGOs and local governments to implement our findings and create impact for children, their families and their wider communities. 


If you are interested in finding out more information or partnering with us please contact Anastasia Trębacz