For Parents

Welcome to the Bulbul page especially for parents and carers. 

Seeing your child learn and grow is a one of the biggest privileges and pleasures of being a parent. Learning how to use words and sentences to request things, ask questions, share ideas and tell stories and jokes is one of the most important achievements of childhood.

Good language skills help your child to learn, make friends, read and write and find out about the world around them. Bulbul is an exciting international project which is helping to develop new ways of understanding and supporting Arabic-speaking children with their language development.

In bulbul we want to understand more about language development in Arabic-speaking children so that we can find ways to support all children to develop strong language skills. 

To do this, we are asking families to complete our survey about the words and sentences your child uses and understands. 

In the links on the left of this page you will find free resources to help you to support your child's language development. These are provided in Arabic, French and English. Our aim is to develop this list over the course of the project so please keep visiting to see what is new.

If you want to take part in the project you can click on the 'take part' link above