Work package 7

BioRapid management (1-48 months), Management, Lead: UNEW

Objectives: To ensure effective management of the BioRapid ITN in order to deliver the expected results in timely and cost effective manner.

Description: All partners and ESRs will be involved in this WP with emphasis on direct personal engagement of ESRs in the project management of their research projects to contribute to their scientific training.

Task 7.1 – ITN set up and recruitment; Task 7.2 – Communications and progress monitoring; Task 7.3 Financial management;

Deliverables: D7.1 – Kick-off meeting in Newcastle, UK (m.1); D7.2 – Project website and webinar/e-seminar software setup (m.2); D7.3 - Consortium agreement signed by all beneficiaries (m.3); D7.4 – Recruitment completed (m.6); D7.5 ITN formal reports completed (m.18,36,48); D7.6 - Formal consortium meetings (m.6,12,24,30,36,42,48);