Work package 6

Regulatory policy, dissemination and exploitation (1-48 months), Dissemination, Lead: LIU

Objectives: To ensure effective engagement with policy makers, dissemination and exploitation of BioRapid results.

Description: All partners and ESRs will be involved in this WP with emphasis on direct personal engagement of ESRs with regulatory policy communications, future proposal writing, dissemination within scientific community and to public and in the exploitation of results where appropriate.

Task 6.1 – Dissemination and exploitation plan preparation; Task 6.2 – Preparation of materials for outreach activities; Task 6.3 Preparation of mid-term and final reports; Task 6.4 Preparation of relevant scientific publications and policy reports;

Deliverables: D6.1 – Dissemination and exploitation plan formally approved (m.7); D6.2 – Formal consortium meetings (m. 6,12,24,30,36,42,48); D6.3 – Outreach activities delivered (m.6-48); D6.4 – Scientific publications and policy reports prepared (m.12-48); D6.5 – ITN formal reports completed (m.18,36,48);