Work package 5

Training in scientific and complementary skills (6-48 months), Training, Lead: DTU

Objectives: To ensure effective training in scientific and complementary skills through network-wide events and initiatives, specific research projects and secondments and local training initiatives.

Description: All partners and ESRs will be involved in this WP, which will be overseen by the Training Committee reporting to the SB. PhD progress also monitored at institutions where ESRs registered.

Task 5.1 – Individual PDPs preparation and identification of specific training requirements; Task 5.2 – Training through network-wide events and initiatives described in section 2.2. Task 5.3 Monitoring of training at local level and during secondments; Task 5.4 Monitoring of training progress against PDPs;

Deliverables: D5.1 – Initial workshop delivered (m.7); D5.2 – PDPs/Declarations completed for all ESRs (m.8); D5.3 - BioRapid Training week 1 delivered (m.9); D5.4 - BioRapid Training week 2 delivered (m.12); D5.5 - BioRapid Training week 3 delivered (m.17); D5.6 - BioRapid Training week 4 delivered (m.21); D5.7 - BioRapid mid-term and final conferences (m.24,48); D5.8 - BioRapid Training week 5 delivered (m.27); D5.9 – PhD theses completed* (m.42);

* where appropriate the theses will be submitted within 36 months, but for ESRs 5-6 and 11-12 (SE beneficiaries), 48 months is required for PhD and separate funding to cover the last 12 months has been secured by those partners, with the PhD awards following in due course outside the timings of the project.