BioRapid: Rapid Bioprocess Development

"Dissemination is now acknowledged as one of the most important component of the research process and it's necessary for the communication of innovation. Effective communication is an important aspect of dissemination in order to propagate the knowledge acquired during research. There are several barriers to efficient communication between researchers and different types of audiences. Some of these barriers are due to the inherently different scientific background while others are related to institutional and ownership issues. Here we try to improve the dialogue between our research group and users, in order to develop new contacts and networks and develop effective dissemination strategies in order to bridge the communication gap. The researchers have a duty to share new knowledge with a wider audience including the general public in order to improve the perception of the relevance of their research in the community. High quality dissemination requires an active, systematic approach which is applied and adequately resourced throughout." - BioRapid Consortium