We have shaped undergraduate teaching with the individual contributions of ATNU members in existing modules and by designing a new stage three undergraduate module in SELLL. ATNU's undergraduate teaching mission has three main objectives: a) to call students' attention to the materiality of text and its influence in transmission and reading; b) to lightly introduce digital methodologies of research; and c) to introduce students to some basic digital skills.

SEL3055: Chaucer, Shakespeare and the Book of the Future

A computer screen depicting an illumination of a scribe and a print of early modern printing'Chaucer, Shakespeare and the Book of the Future' is ATNU's flagship third year module currently being taught in SELLL by James Cummings and Tiago Sousa Garcia. The module offers a different perspective on the medieval and early modern periods of English literature by focusing on the technologies of text production (manuscript, print and digital) and their effects on the survival, transmission and analysis of texts from these periods. The curriculum is anchored around Chaucer's House of Fame and Shakespeare's Hamlet, but covers other, lesser know authors and works such as The Book of Margerie KempeThe Paston Letters, the poetry of John Taylor and the personal writings of Ann Fanshawe and Ann Halkett. These texts are studied from a material perspective that puts special emphasis on their survival and the shaping that successive technologies has had in their reception and reading.

You can read more about 'Chaucer, Shakespeare and the Book of the Future' in the module page.