WG3 enquiry activities

Enquiry activities

Enquiry- and problem-based curricula for young children are a powerful way to support high quality teaching and learning.  ROMtels technology supports educators to create their own enquiries. 

Working with vulnerable parents and communities is a way to ensure these enquiries meet children’s needs.  This is in addition to teachers’ expertise in supporting the school curriculum.

Our first two enquiries are created by teachers at Arthur's Hill Federation primary schools in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

  • Enquiry 1’s setting is the Great Fire of Tyneside (1854).  Children are challenged to find the identity of a mystery man and then decide whose fault the fire was.  All this happens using multiple languages and multiple technologies
  • Enquiry 2 takes us to Ancient Mesopotamia (Baghdad 6000BCE).  Children use multiple languages and multiple technologies to find out what a mysterious clay object is and who should take care of it.

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