SECURE: SElf Conserving URban Environments

Project Leader(s): Professor Margaret Bell, Dr Anil Namdeo, Professor David Graham, Professor David Manning

Sponsors: British Council

Partners: Newcastle University, Loughborough University, Sheffield University, Exeter University

External Website:
Start/end dates: 2011-2015

Project Details

The SECURE project addresses the grand challenge of integrating greater conservation and more efficient resource utilisation across scales to meet future urban demands. SECURE is developing a Regional Urbanisation Model that synthesises resource-supply-demand-waste systems from city and local authorities to regional scales via the integration of three themes - Urbanisation (land use and transport), Building and Energy (supply and demand) and Ecosystem Services (the benefits humans receive from ecosystems).

The SECURE project comprises five Work Packages. The first three focus on the main research areas, Urbanisation, Ecosystem Services, and Building and Energy. Work Package 4 addresses the issue of Societal Impact and Professional Engagement, ensuring that stakeholders are fully engaged both in terms of the technical development of the Base Case (2011) and Projection (2016), and public acceptability of longer term Scenarios (2030/2050). Work Package 5, Integration of Policies Across Themes, ensures that the policies identified and developed throughout the course of the project are fully integrated, both in terms of their proposed design and implementation, and their overall impact in meeting the project objectives.

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