Land of the MUSCOs

Project Leader: Professor Phil Blythe

Sponsors: EPSRC (Sustainable Adaptive Infrastructure)

Partners: University of Leeds, University of York, Cranfield University, University of Exeter, University of Edinburgh, Newcastle University, and Oxford Brookes University.

Start/end dates: 2011-2014

Project Details

The project will explore how sustainable future infrastructure could evolve in a way where the demands of end users of utilities are serviced by a single entity rather than the (perceived) inefficient, uneconomical and ultimately unsustainable means of multi-service delivery at the moment. Currently the demand of end-users is met by different actors and utilities, without the interface to understand where these demands arise or how they can be met more efficiently and cost-effectively. Hence, infrastructure development is made in the absence of adaptive demand management and the understanding of the inter-linkages between services occurring at the end-user level.

Through understanding these possibilities, the added technical knowledge arising from the interconnection of utilities through services delivery will trigger cross-utility innovation leading to increased efficiency and savings. Finally, exploring innovative models of how a single company (the MUSCO) could deliver such services in the future some clear vision of how planned infrastructure provision could be made more sustainable in the future.

Academic Staff


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