The SUCCESS project team consist of two academics and three research associates. In addition, a wider team of people who have worked closely within the carbon soil sequestration act as advisors to the project forming part of a larger steering group.

Academic Staff

The SUCCESS project has on-board the leader and principal investigator as well as a co-investigtor who assists the PI and the researchers throughout the duration of the project. They are permanent members of staff within their respective universities.

Prof. David Manning

Dr. Saran Sohi

Research Associate and Assistant Staff

The research staff consist of a number of key specialists in order for the project to succeed. Within the SUCCESS project are three core research areas in which a researcher has been assigned to their respective posts. The research areas are based in geo-technical, ecological and sustainability fields.

Dr. Mark Goddard

Dr. Ehsan Jorat

Dr. Ben Kolosz

Kevin Stott

Christopher Teasdale

Academic Network

The following people contribute to SUCCESS externally and although they are not part of the staff rota, they have in the past worked very closely with the academic team and/or possess a great influence over the ability of the project to perform to its maximum efficiency.

Dr. Carla-Leanne Washbourne

Dr. Phil Renforth

Dr. Pete Manning

Dr Elisa lopez-capel

  • Senior Research Associate
  • School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
  • Email:
  • Senior Research Associate in Urban Soil science