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Recent Activities

3rd August 2020

Dr. Luke joined the research group as PDRA. Welcome to the group! 

06th April 2020

New publication!

Y. Zhang, Q. Tang, Y. Zhang, J. Wang, U. Stimming, A. Lee, "Identifying degradation patterns of lithium-ion batteries from impedance spectroscopy using machine learning", Nat Commun 11 (2020) 1706. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-15235-7

14th February 2020

New funding from NECEM!

"Bi-functional air electrodes for metal-air batteries" led by Prof Ulrich Stimming (Newcastle University) in collaboration with Prof Jawwad Darr (UCL)

24th November 2019

New publication! W. Chen, L. Liao, J. Cai, Y-X. Chen, U. Stimming, "Unraveling complex electrode processes by differential electrochemical mass spectrometry and the rotating ring-disk electrode technique", J. Phys. Chem. C 123 (2019) 29630-29637. 

31st October 2019

New publication! U. Stimming, J. Wang, A. Bund, "The vanadium redox reactions – electrocatalysis versus non-electrocatalysis", ChemPhysChem 20 (2019) 3004-3009.

23rd October 2019

Dr Arup Chakraborty joined the research group as PDRA.

22nd October 2019‌

Dr Saisameera Mitta presented her research in The Faraday Institution. 


20th August 2019 (NECEM Energy Revolution 2019)

Dr Jiabin Wang and Faye Cording hosted an exhibit, talking to visitors about work on batteries in the Stimming group and providing themed demonstrations and activities, including a lemon-powered clock! The large flow cell was also on display again.


14th August 2019

New publication! J. Friedl, F. L. Pfanschilling, M. V. Holland-Cunz, R. Fleck, B. Schricker, H. Wolfschmidt, U. Stimming, "A polyoxometalate redox flow battery: functionality and upscale", Clean Energy 3 (2019) 278-287.

1st August 2019

Dr Jiabin Wang joined the research group as PDRA.

21st–26th July 2019

The Stimming group were present at the Electrochemical Conference on Energy and the Environment (ECEE 2019) in Glasgow, Scotland. Dr Qiaochu Tang, Dr Saisameera Mitta, Felix Pfanschilling and Faye Cording all presented posters, and Dr Tang stepped in at the last minute to deliver an oral presentation!

The abstracts are viewable here:

NECEM Energy Revolution 2019

Researchers in the Stimming group contributed to the NECEM Energy Revolution exhibit that coincided with the Dippy exhibit at the Great North Museum: Hancock.

29th May 2019

Dr Qiaochu Tang, Felix Pfanschilling and Faye Cording took part in an event at the museum with other NECEM researchers. The group displayed a model Li-ion battery and a large flow cell (surface area = 1400 cm2) and talked to visitors about how each type of battery worked.


Pictures from the event can be viewed here:

9th April 2019

Members of the Stimming group attended the 2019 Scotland and North of England Electrochemistry Symposium (Butler Meeting) at Edinburgh University. Three PhD students presented posters about redox flow batteries.

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