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SHETRAN Hydrological model

bullet SHETRAN is a physically-based spatially-distributed hydrological model.
bulletTo set-up and run a SHETRAN simulation is now simple and it's free. Go to Downloads, fill in the basic form and then download the SHETRAN GUI or the Standard version of SHETRAN.
bullet The SHETRAN GUI is really simple to use (although with a limited capability including a maximum 50x50 grid). To see how simple it is look at the video below or the SHETRAN windows worked example pdf file (also available in Documentation).
bullet The Standard version of SHETRAN now also has an easy setup for catchments up to a 200x200 grid. This uses an XML library file and ASCII grid files for sptially distributed data. Look in Documentation for more details.

bulletAn example video can be seen below:

More details about SHETRAN (also see the Introduction)

bullet SHETRAN is a model for water flow, solute and sediment transport in river catchments.
bulletSHETRAN is a finite-difference model in which the physics-based governing partial differential equations for flow and transport are solved on a three-dimensional grid. 
bulletSHETRAN is a physically-based, spatially-distributed (PBSD) modelling system.
bullet The plan area of the catchment in SHETRAN is usually in the range of one to a few thousand square kilometers and the horizontal depth of the subsurface is usually less than 100m.
bulletThere are two download versions of SHETRAN. A version with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in a Windows environment and the Standard version which uses text based files.
bulletUsing the GUI version in a Windows environment a basic catchment can be set-up rapidly using data straight from a GIS (e.g. ArcView).
bulletIf you require a simulation with a bigger size or any modifications to the code, you will need to work in collaboration with the us, contact s.j.birkinshaw@ncl.ac.uk for more details

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