Newcastle Cyber Security & Resilience hosts a number of exciting research projects. Here we feature a few of them:

In PETRAS, we investigate privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability and security of IoT devices, systems and networks. We study smart buildings as whole socio-technical systems, including their inhabitants and their privacy, collected data and their legal and ethical issues.

In the ERC project CASCAde, we enable the security assurance of evolving topologies, while preserving confidentiality, considering not only the system as a whole in relation to the attestation of its constituent parts, but also the users and their trust in the overall assurance.

Our work in CRITiCaL and EMPHASIS aims at conceptualizing cybercrime psychologically and criminologically while pitting the strengths of machine learning against it, e.g., with detection of attack vectors, and automated classification of ransomware.

In our FinTrust work, we aim at infusing trust in the growing FinTech industry, especially focusing on automation and machine learning algorithms, balancing commercial interest with societal interests and addressing the potential biases of the algorithms involved.