Newcastle University founded its cyber security research initiative in 2010 in response to the increasingly important global scope of cybercrime and the growing need for dependably resilient systems. Recognised as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR) in 2013, Newcastle University Cyber Security & Resilience pursues a holistic research vision in this area, from the protection of cyber systems supporting society to the socio-technical aspects of cyber security. 

 While we have roots in Newcastle University’s School of Computing and its Secure and Resilient Systems (SRS) group, our remit is across faculties including, for example, the Newcastle University School of Engineering, the Business School, and the Newcastle Law School. 

 Our ACE-CSR hosts a number permanent academics in core cyber security topics, plus a range of academics interested in dependability, model-based engineering and reasoning, artificial intelligence, scalable computing, electrical engineering, medicine, psychology, and law.