Cyber Security & Resilience benefits from a number of integrated, purpose-built labs and associated assets. They are available for research, student projects and small-group teaching.

To reserve lab space or borrow assets, please contact the operations support Jane Pettitt. 

Cyber Security Incident Simulation Room

This lab aims at hosting ethical hacking and capture the flag exercises. Purpose-built, the room's setup includes a virtualization infrastructure, can be severed from the campus network, and be separated into two compartments for competing teams.

To complement exercises the machines can be outfitted with non-intrusive Tobii X2-30 eye trackers, which are also available for borrowing for student projects.

Psycho-Physiological Measurement & Eye Tracking Lab

The Psycho-Physiological Measurement & Eye Tracking lab aims at complex experiments with precise, synchronized measurement of 

  • eye gaze,
  • skin conductance,
  • heart-rate variability, and
  • human affect

in a controlled setting. All measurements are recorded time-synched on a dedicated low-latency system.

The Lab includes

  • a RED 500 high-end eye tracker,
  • a Biopac measurement suite,
  • a HD camera with NOLDUS FaceReader,
  • a wide-angle camera for posture and gesture recording.

Smart Building Lab

This Lab includes a Siemens smart building experimental suite including sensors, actuators and back-end management bus, with the same specifications as the ones used in the Urban Sciences Building. The Lab enables experiments on a well-controlled smart building environment including experiments on ethical hacking of such infrastructures under safe circumstances.