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UK-SPS Seminar:29th June-Title:A little more conversation, a little less action-

Our UK-SPS Seminar this week will be as follows: 

Time: Wed, June 29, 15:00 – 16:00 (UK Time) 

Attendance via Zoom (ID: 942 5063 0968, Passcode: 061660)

Livestream via Youtube

This is a joint talk with the FM-SEC network.

Title: A little more conversation, a little less action, a lot more satisfaction: Global states in ProVerif

Speaker: Vincent Cheval (Inria Paris)

Abstract: ProVerif is a popular tool for the fully automatic analysis of security protocols, offering very good support to detect flaws or prove security. One exception is the case of protocols with global states such as counters, tables, or more generally, memory cells. ProVerif fails to analyse such protocols, due to its internal abstraction.

In the original paper of GSVerif, our key idea was to devise a generic transformation of the security properties queried to ProVerif. We proved the soundness of our transformation and implemented it into a front-end GSVerif. Our experiments showed that our front-end (combined with ProVerif) outperforms the few existing tools, both in terms of efficiency and protocol coverage. We successfully applied our tool to a dozen protocols of the literature, yielding the first fully automatic proof of a security API and a payment protocol of the literature.

In the newest version of ProVerif, the generic transformations of GSVerif can be fully described in terms of axioms, thus taking advantage of this new ProVerif feature.

Bio: I am a member of the PROSECCO team at Inria Paris. My main area of research is automated verification of security protocols. I am currently mostly working on three verification tools: DeepSec, ProVerif and GSVerif. Additionally, I am interested in automating verification of privacy type properties related to RFID protocols, routing protocols in ad-hoc networks, electronic voting protocols, etc.

Please feel free to forward to others who might be interested. 

UK-SPS is an inter-university seminar series on cyber security and privacy. Seminar details are also advertised on our websitecalendar and Twitter, and recordings will be available on our YouTube channel afterwards. 

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