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UK-SPS Seminar: 25th May Title - Managing our online account security

The UK-SPS Seminar this week will be as follows:

Time: Wed, May 25, 15:00 – 16:00 (UK Time) 


Attendance via Zoom (ID: 821 5842 3357, Passcode: 571746)

Livestream via Youtube

Speaker: Sasa Radomirovic (Surrey)

Title: Managing our online account security

Abstract: The number of online services, accounts, apps, and devices that we use is constantly increasing and so is the complexity of the interconnections between them. These interconnections have been exploited in targeted attacks that range from account takeovers to cryptocurrency theft.  Protecting users from such attacks is difficult because each user's account ecosystem is individual.

In this talk I will introduce account access graphs which are a formal model to represent a user's account ecosystem, i.e., the collection of accounts, apps, and devices, as well as their interconnections. I will show examples of account access graphs from our user studies and present some of the insights we have gained from them. I will then discuss some of the challenges we must overcome in order to build an account management tool aimed at empowering users to better protect their individual account ecosystem.

This talk is based on joint work published at CCS 2019, CHI 2022 and carried out at ETH Zurich, the University of Dundee and Heriot-Watt University.

Bio: Sasa Radomirovic is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Surrey. He was previously at Heriot-Watt University, the University of Dundee, and ETH Zurich. He received a PhD in number theory from Rutgers University, USA and worked as a postdoc at NTNU Norway, CRM Barcelona, and the University of Luxembourg. His research has focused on cryptographic protocols, digital identity management and authentication, and the modeling and formal verification of security and privacy in critical systems.

Please feel free to forward to others who might be interested. 

UK-SPS is an inter-university seminar series on cyber security and privacy. Seminar details are also advertised on our websitecalendar and Twitter, and recordings will be available on our YouTube channel afterwards. 

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