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UK-SPS Seminar: 13th April - Title: Securing Cloud-based IoT Apps

Speaker: Musard Balliu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

Joint talk with the FM-SEC network

 Title: Securing Cloud-based IoT Apps

Abstract: Innovative IoT apps break conventional paradigms to connect otherwise unconnected services and devices ranging from pacemakers, baby monitors, surveillance cameras to cars and smart cities. Unfortunately, the power of IoT apps can be abused by attackers, unnoticeably to users. In this talk, we will discuss how popular IoT app platforms are susceptible to attacks that violate user privacy resulting in massive exfiltration of sensitive information as well as suggest short- and long-term countermeasures based on language-based sandboxing and information flow control.

Bio: Musard Balliu is an Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. His research interests lie at the intersection of computer security, programming languages, formal methods and software engineering. Musard Balliu's contributions ranges from foundations to practice of security and privacy with main focus on language-based security and its applications to the Web and IoT domain. He is a recipient of the VR Starting grant from the Swedish Research Council in 2018 and Facebook Privacy-Enhancing Technologies research award in 2021.

Please feel free to forward to others who might be interested. 

UK-SPS is an inter-university seminar series on cyber security and privacy. Seminar details are also advertised on our websitecalendar and Twitter, and recordings will be available on our YouTube channel afterwards. 


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