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UK-SPS Seminar: 11th May Title: Probabilistic Data Structures

Speaker: Kenny Paterson (ETH Zurich)

Title: Probabilistic Data Structures in Adversarial Environments

Abstract: Probabilistic Data Structures (PDS) are heavily used nowadays as a means of dealing with big data, at the cost of only giving approximately correct answers to queries. Typical examples include HyperLogLog for approximate set cardinality estimation and Bloom filters for handling approximate set membership queries. In this talk I’ll focus on two basic questions:

  1. What can go wrong when PDS are faced with adversarially-chosen input?
  2. How can we protect PDS against manipulation in these adversarial environments?

Joint work with Mia Filic, Mathilde Raynal, Fernando Virdia, and Anupama Unnikrishnan.

Bio: Kenny has been a professor of computer science at ETH Zurich since April 2019, where he leads the Applied Cryptography Group. Prior to that, Kenny was a professor in the Information Security Group at RHUL. See for more details.

Please feel free to forward to others who might be interested. 


UK-SPS is an inter-university seminar series on cyber security and privacy. Seminar details are also advertised on our websitecalendar and Twitter, and recordings will be available on our YouTube channel afterwards. 



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