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Invitation to the UK Online Cyber Security PhD Network


We are in the process of founding a national Online Cyber Security PhD network.

It is an opportunity for PhD students to network with ones from other institutions and to get access to interesting seminars and activities.

 If you are doing your PhD with research interests in cyber security in the widest sense, you can sign-up for the network.

Please talk to your supervisor, as your supervisor will need to verify your status as a PhD student in this research area.

Please also let Jane Pettitt ( know. 

Details are on the website. Registration is through Eventbrite.

There is an opportunity to become a PhD student rep to the network for Newcastle University, a great opportunity to get more involvement with the community and the academics. There is one slot as institutional rep and possibly multiple ones as theme rep, that is, students who aim at advocating a particular research theme for talks and activities.

 The UK Online Cyber Security PhD network will kick-off on the 10th of June.

Last modified: Wed, 26 May 2021 11:54:41 BST