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Dstl-NUCoRE workshop “Synthetic Biology: Hazards from Misuse.” - 9th Nov 22

9th November 2022, Frederick Douglass Centre

The Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is the government laboratory for defence and security.  In the emerging and fast-growing fields of synthetic and engineering biology, Dstl is seeking the help of academic and industry scientists to map likely developments in the civil research sector over the next 5 to 20 years. This will inform efforts to prepare for and protect against accidents and misuse. Dstl will host workshops on 9th November immediately after SBUK22, for participants at the conference. Places are limited, and those would like to participate are invited to register here. Meals and overnight accommodation for the workshop will be provided. The event will be co-hosted by DSTL and  the Newcastle Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity & resilience - nanobio cybersecurity chapter. It will take place just back to back with SBUK 2022, November 7th & 8th. 

Workshop includes:

Session 1: "Identify Technical Trends". The Panel will propose and discuss challenges/issues/objectives in civil society that drive technology development, and how these flow from strategies through tactics to synthetic biology enabled tools and applications

Session 2: "How do trends enable hazards?” The Panel will propose and discuss potential hazards and misuses arising from synthetic biology tools and applications identified in Session 1; who and what are susceptible to hazards; and how misuses might manifest

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