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Bringing the International In - ACE-CSR Virtual Event

A virtual ACE-CSR event was held on 3rd February 2021 led by Prof. Madeline Carr of UCL and Prof. Tim Stevens of KCL.


Bringing the International In

The main body of discussion:  

For all of us who work in cybersecurity, the field is generally regarded as borderless and global. But there are a whole lot of fascinating and deeply problematic international legal, diplomatic, and political issues that, to some extent or other, shape the world we work in. Ongoing discussions about what constitutes appropriate state behaviour in cyberspace have been gathering pace but are far from resolved. Despite a concerted effort by some of the best legal minds in the world, we’ve been unable to work out how to apply international law in cyberspace. And implementing regulations like the GDPR into applications, services and solutions is very, very challenging in a complex data supply chain. Developing better ways of integrating technical knowledge with policy advice is central to doing this well. We’re looking at developing a new research theme within the Research Institute in Socio-technical Cyber Security that brings together the academics and stakeholders working on international cyber security and we’d welcome your input at this early stage.

1300 – 1305       Welcome           

1305 – 1315       Introduction          Madeline and Tim 

1315 – 1345       Panel                    Speakers from: NCSC, FCDO, Cabinet Office and DCMS 

1345 – 1355       Q&A                     The panel 

(Moved to breakout rooms) 

1400 – 1415       Breakouts to dive into the panellists’ topics 

(Moved back to plenary) 

1415 – 1425       Summaries of each breakout room 

1425 – 1430       Conclusion

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