List of publications

This is a list of publications about ROMtels written by our project team. We will update this list as more articles are published.

  • Smith HJ. (2020) Language Biography. In: Prasad G; Auger N, ed. Multilingualism in context: Key concepts and practices in education. In Press.
  • Smith HJ, Robertson L. (2020) SCT and Translanguaging-to-learn: Proposed Conceptual Integration. Language and Sociocultural Theory6(2), 213-233.
  • Smith HJ, Robertson L, Auger N, Wysocki L. (2020) Translanguaging as a political act with Roma: carving a path between pluralism and collectivism for transformation. Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies18(1), 98-135.
  • Auger, N., Azaoui, B., Houeé, C., et Miquel, F. (2018) « Le projet européen Romtels (Roma translanguaging enquiry learning spaces). Un questionnement sur la médiation à de multiples niveaux : (inter)culturelle, identitaire, linguistique et numérique », Revue de l’ACEDLE, en ligne.
  • Auger, N., (2017), “Multilingual school policies and classroom practices (in contexts of immigrants, Roma and newcomers) in France : challenges and opportunities” (keynote speaker), Université et Ville de Gand, dans le cadre d’une journée d’étude sur le multilinguisme en éducation et dans la cité.

If your organisation does not have access to paywalled academic journals, you are welcome to contact us for a pre-print version of the article text. If you have used ROMtels resources in your own work please let us know, we are always keen to hear how colleagues are using the learning and resources from our project.