Workshop Nov 2011

Catchment Management: Natural flood management and joining NFM to the WFD

On the 24th and 25th Novemeber 2011 Newcastle University and the Environment Agency hosted a workshop on Catchment Management: Natural flood management and joining NFM to the WFD. Over 30 people attended from varying backgrounds.

Overview of the workshop

In the Belford catchment (6km2) flood management project, a soft engineering approach has been taken to intercept, store, slow and filter runoff. Flow pathways are targeted close to the source in order to maximise the potential to alter the overall catch-ment flow regime. Over 20 Runoff Attenuation Fea-tures (RAFs) have been constructed in the area and four years of data has been gathered.

So what is the current evidence base to show the impact of RAFs on NFM across scales? How and where should features be built and do they alter the flow regime? What are the multiple benefits of the approach to Water quality and ecosystems services?

Talks from the workshop - Part 1 ZIP 4,396Kb

A zip file (part 1) of short talks presented at the Belford Workshop on catchment management: These include talks on Belford and other case studies from around the UK.

Part 1 includes the presenters:

1) Phil Welton (EA) - Belford Catchment Solutions

2) Paul Quinn (Newcastle University) - Natural Flood Management and Catchment Management: Background

3) Mark Wilkinson (Newcastle University) - Gathering the evidence – Belford hydrometric network and data

4) Alex Nicholson (Newcastle University) - Runoff Attenuation Features

Talks from the workshop - Part 2 ZIP 4,831Kb

Part 2 of the presentation zip folder containing:-

5) Steve Rose (JBA) - Holnicote Multi-Objective Flood Management Demonstration Project Modelling Elements

6) Vince Carter (Forest Research) - Slowing the Flow at Pickering

7) Nick Barber (Newcastle University) - How do Runoff Attenuation Features improve water quality?

8) Mary Ockenden (Lancaster University) - Mitigation Options for Phosphorus and Sediment (MOPS2): Evaluation of field wetlands

9) Kit Macleod (James Hutton Institute) - Integrated catchment management