Rain Gauges

Innivate UK has funded a 3 year Knowledge Transfers Partnership to develop a new range of rain gauges to address the wind undercatch issue.

This will include testing a range of rain gauge designs against pit rain gauge data at 4 independent sites and will include input from:-

Environmental Measurements Ltd

The James Hutton Institute

and Dundee University

More information is availble on the EML website


Michael Pollock was apppointed as the KTP associate and is also studying for PhD in the topic








DTC Rain Gauge News Item PDF 1,055Kb

Eden develops best practice

Newton Rigg demonstration site in the Eden DTC has been chosen to investigate the reliability of results from the types of rain gauges generally used in scientific studies and by the water industry. The experiment, which will compare results from different gauges, will run for at least a year and aims to highlight the problem of the equipment “undercatching” rainfall because of wind and other weather conditions, and thus giving readings that are misleadingly low.  This should help to address uncertainty in one of the most important areas of study in the DTCs... 

MSc thesis PDF 2,941Kb

Full copy of MSc thesis

Pollocks summary of key points MSWord 1,055Kb

Michael has listed some of the key issues with the work and the potential to do further study.