Catchment Management

What is Proactive Catchment Management?

“Proactive Catchment Management is an interventionist approach to managing water quantity and water quality at the catchment scale by manipulating natural processes, whilst not affecting rural productivity and maximising ecosystem function”

We cannot go back to a natural state but we can work with natural processes to create the landscape we want and need.

Catchment System Engineering (CSE) is the method by which we can achieve a paradigm shift in catchment management. CSE provides the ability to sustainably manage water quantity and quality using a proactive, progressive approach. CSE is an interventionist approach to altering the catchment scale runoff regime through the manipulation of hydrological flow pathways throughout the catchment. CSE can be extended into ecological processes, energy production or any relevant environmental topic. We should never forget the primary functions of a catchment,  to produce food and water and provide a home for all who have an interest in their catchment.

'Engineering' is taken in the broadest sense of the word, it reflects the fact that ALL catchments have been engineered in the past and are being actively manipulated today. As such we have a mandate to engineer the landscape further and create multi-functional catchments that satisfy the needs of today and the future.

The Belford catchment is an example where CSE has been put in place to reduce the risk of flooding and pollution through Proactive Catchment Management.