Paul Quinn presents Belford work at House of Commons

Paul Quinn was invited to speak on his work related to Natural Flood Management at the House of Commons Office of Science and Technology. This Parliamentary review meeting was set up to help refine the inputs to the governments Environment White Paper. A full Briefing Note has been written for politicians and practitioners which includes the Belford case study

Leading exponents of the NFM approach were invited to speak before an invited audience of politicians, regulators, consultants, academics and insurance companies.

‘Flood risk management today uses a range of approaches to reduce risk, including structural works, such as hard flood defences, and non-structural approaches, such as improving flood warning systems and land-use planning. The restoration, alteration and use of natural landscape features are also receiving attention as potentially cost-effective ways of reducing flood risk that can provide other environmental benefits, such as water quality improvements or carbon storage.

This seminar will review some “natural flood management” strategies, look at developments in the recent science behind these strategies, and investigate some of the challenges involved in spreading this way of working across the landscape.’

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