Scaling Up Training

Scaling Up Training and Capacity Building Among Anti-trafficking Advocates

As well as the project providing training specifically for our  Shakti Samuha partners, the opportunity was taken during  Shakti’s term as Chair of AATWIN, Nepal’s national  anti-trafficking organisation, to scale up training.

This aimed to use the research’s conceptual framing and initial findings to build greater capacity among advocates at a national level. In November 2010 training focusing on anti-trafficking’s relationship with human rights was given to AATWIN’s 32 member groups in order to build capacity among those campaigning for the fundamental rights of trafficked women during the period when debates over drafting Nepal’s new Constitution were taking place.

Capacity building was also scaled up internationally through the project’s partnership with the IOM when in December 2011 Dr Poudel worked for three months with IOM Turkmenistan to develop and deliver an anti-trafficking toolkit for high-level Central Asian policy makers. This resulted in post-trafficking being incorporated into the IOM’s work in this region for the first time, setting the scene to shape future policy agendas.