Post Trafficking in Nepal


Post Trafficking Livelihoods in Nepal Newcastle University UK, in partnership with the Non Government Organisation ‘Shakti Samuha’ and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Nepal, is undertaking this research (2010-2012) funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

This qualitative research project investigates the opportunities for livelihoods of choice for sexually trafficked women on their return to Nepal.

It examines the intersections of sexuality, gender and citizenship in returnees’ livelihood strategies as new democratic processes, supported by national and transnational communities, are unfolding.

In Nepal anti-trafficking advocacy is highly visible and through the country’s new Constituent Assembly, fresh debates have arisen that are impinging upon returnee trafficked women. By bringing sexuality and citizenship into dialogue with debates on livelihoods this project is helping to generate a new research and policy paradigm for understanding the relationship between sexuality, gender and development.


Publication with Shakti Samuha

A joint publication with our research partners Shakti Samuha has been published in the journal Development in Practice. The paper is entitled 'Co- producing a Post-trafficking Agenda: Collaborating on Transforming Citizenship in Nepal'. An earlier version of this paper is available as a working paper: View it on our Publications pages.


Project is graded as ‘Outstanding’ by ESRC Reviewers

Reviewers highlighted the significant impact already achieved as well as the potential for future impact. For example, one Reviewer said:
"The number of outputs/impacts is impressive in scope. The reach of the project impact is impressive, with economic and social impacts on Nepalese grassroots organisations, international NGOs, government and policy/constitution debates and public awareness in Nepal, alongside scientific impact on academic debates globally, and on postgraduate methods training in the UK and Nepal."

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