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This project is truly multi-disciplinary, covering modelling, biology, ecology and engineering. This fusion of ideas and knowledge allows us to realise the vision and also break new ground within each discipline.

Large Scale Modeling

Large scale modelling

In the modelling team we will develop 3D models from micro-scale through to macroscale as the project develops. These models will be refined based on growth rate data

Flow and Mechanics

Flow and mechanics

Looking at the mechanical properties of the system, the team will characterise the media at the mesoscale and 
determine the detailed flow characterisation.


Synthetic biology

The team will evaluate the model organisms and start developing organisms. They will initiate directed evolution and, after interim tests, evaluate design in microcosms.

Ecology and evolution

Ecology & evolution

Once the team has been fully recruited, it will evaluate community sizes and provide data on genome size and abundance. Using information from the pilot plant, kinetic parameters will be mapped and patterns noted.

Pilot Plant and Validation

Pilot Plant & Validation

The team will select suitable sites and create preliminary designs. They'll share data with other teams and evaluate microbes in the lab. The team will also develop a strategy for assessing how to measure data within the on-site tests.


Management team

This team is responsible for the running of the project, ensuring it stays on track. They will manage the communication and ensure businesses, researchers and students are able to get involved.