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Technology readiness

CylinderTo achieve our vision, we need to move from theoretical ideas to real-world uses.

As the project progresses, we should move closer to deployment. As we do so, the container will fill up.

Watch this space for updates

Project funding

NUFEB is funded by EPSRC, the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council.

This is the main UK government funding for research and training in engineering. We have a strong track record of research funding, having been granted £56m from the EPSRC since October 2008.

More details about our project (called The Simulation of Open Engineered Biological Systems - A New Frontier in Design) can be found on the EPSRC website.

Our partners

‌Northumbrian Water are participating in the programme and providing access to real data. They are also intellectual partners.

Find out more about our partners.

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This multi-disciplinary project covers modelling, biology, ecology and engineering. By sharing our knowledge we hope to realise the vision and break new ground within each discipline.

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We aim to gain a new understanding of the rules that determine the growth and dynamics of complex biological communities in engineered applications.

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Our vision is for a world where biological systems are used to create more sustainable technologies to improve the environment, energy, materials, and health.


BE:WISE Pilot Plant Facility

NUFEB have built the largest wastewater treatment research facility in Europe, developing innovations for sustainable wastewater treatment.