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NUFEB individual-based modelling paper published

Read the latest research to come out of our highly collaborative project. The paper presents a new individual-based model encorporating mechanical, biological and chemical properties. The model is used to make predictions about the surface morphology of biofilms based on nutrient concentrations and looks at the effect of flow and mechanical forces on biofilms and their formation.

Jayathilake PG, Gupta P, Li B, Madsen C, Oyebamiji O, Gonzalez-Cabaleiro R, Rushton S, Bridgens B, Swailes D, Allen B, McGough AS, Zuliani P, Ofiteru ID, Wilkinson DJ, Chen J, Curtis TP. A mechanistic individual-based model of microbial communities. PLoS One 2017, 12(8), e0181965.

Please feel free to contact the authors if you have any questions, or would be interested in future collaborations.

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