Niina Kolehmainen

‌Background‌  ‌

I am an allied health clinician academic with research interests in:

  1. Improving health, especially child and family health, through participation in everyday health behaviours.
  2. Improving health services, especially child and family services, and especially with focus on improving effectiveness, person empowerment, and efficiency.
  3. Advancing complex intervention research methods.

I lead high quality research that is of direct, national and international relevance to health, health care practice, and policy; and to support implementation of research evidence.

With training in public health, health services research, behaviour change, implementation science, and occupational therapy, I integrate a wide range of perspectives to my research and collaborate with colleagues across disciplines.

Areas of Research

My overarching interest is on developing, evaluating and implementing interventions to improve health and well-being, and to prevent disability. Most of my research has been with children and families, but I also collaborate with people in other fields to provide them methods expertise.

I focus my research on improving outcomes for people and populations that currently experience worse outcomes than their peers, rather than automatically focus on specific diagnostic groups

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Current Studies