Summer School 2020

NECEM Summer School: Microscopy for Energy Materials

The third NECEM Summer School on Microscopy for Energy Materials will take place on the 1st to the 3rd September 2020. We will deliver the summer school on-line via Zoom.


Call for abstracts 

Please submit your abstract for consideration using the attached Summer School Abstract Submission Guidance.  Please email your abstract to

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 5th August 2020.


A provisional programme will be available soon. 


Dr Budhika Mendis (Durham University) has compiled a comprehensive list of speakers.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr Cornelia Rodenburg (University of Sheffield), Basics of SEM
  • Prof Rachel Oliver (University of Cambridge), Cathodoluminescence
  • Dr Daniel Abou-Ras (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany), EBSD and EBIC
  • Prof Philip Moriarty (University of Nottingham), Scanning Probes under the Microscope
  • Prof Richard Beanland (University of Warwick), Basics of TEM
  • Dr Emanuela Liberti (Oxford University and ePSIC, Diamond Light Source), Scanning TEM
  • Prof Gerald Kothleitner (Graz University of Technology, Austria), EDX, EELS Chemical Analysis
  • Prof Quentin Ramasse (SuperSTEM facility, Daresbury), Aberration correction
  • Prof Les Allen (University of Melbourne, Australia), Electron-Specimen interactions
  • Prof Keith McKenna (University of York), Density Functional Theory Simulations
  • Prof Nigel Browning (University of Liverpool), Liquid cell microscopy
  • Prof Pratibha Gai (University of York), Gas cell microscopy

Also featuring talks on wider academic training including:

Dr Samantha Tang (Nottingham University), Science, Outreach and Engagement

Mr David Lynch (North East Local Enterprise Partnership), North East Energy Catalyst - Driving growth across the North East energy sector

The summer school will also feature two virtual interactive networking events to try and replicate the socialising that happens at in-person events!

The summer school is aimed at PhD students and PDRA's but all are welcome.  Opportunities to showcase your research are also available.

Admission to the summer school will be free of charge.

Any questions please contact: