mtec meets the needs of graduates and their employers.

For you and your employer

The programme provides you with advanced technical and managerial skills. Such skills enhance innovation and business competitiveness. You'll learn about new and emerging technologies alongside business and management applications.

The programme provides you with practical, flexible, supported training leading to recognised qualifications.

The programme offers your employer the opportunity to develop and motivate key staff with minimal time disruption.

Flexible study options

The programme is flexible. It allows you, and your employer, to choose the stream most suited to your needs. This innovative training programme offers a range of modules which you can combine to achieve degree awards.

Study modules combine distance learning material and one week intensive 'schools'. Each module has a credit rating of 10 points (equal to five ECTS credits) and requires 100 hours of study.

We use a system called Canvas which is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Canvas is a web-based course delivery and management system. It provides you with access to course materials, and allows you to communicate with tutors and other students.