Each module is worth 10 credits, which is equivalent to 5 ECTS credits. This requires 100 hours time input comprising independent study, assignment preparation and class contact time. Assessment for each module comprises two of the following (the mix varies by module): a pre-school assignment, an examination at the end of the intensive teaching week, a post-school assignment.

Pre-school material

Pre-school material enables you to revise and review prerequisite material so that the intensive school can be run efficiently and effectively. The materials will be available six to eight weeks before the intensive school takes place.

For some modules you will undertake a pre-school assignment which you will submit on the first day of the intensive school.

One week intensive school

Has an approximate contact time of 35 hours.

The intensive school includes lectures, case studies, tutorials, presentations, and discussions.

For some modules you will sit an examination during this intensive teaching week.

Post-school material

This material consolidates the module learning.

For some modules you will complete a post-school assignment which you will submit usually eight weeks after the intensive school.