What is the project about?

JUMPSTART is part-funded by a British Academy Talent Development Award to host a workshop on advanced textual research methods. This funding has helped us reduce the costs of the workshop to make it significantly cheaper than most Digital Humanities training events. The project is also examining this form of pedagogy for training in digital methodologies. Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire before, after, and several months after the workshop. 

What is the workshop about?

The workshop is 5 days long and it is hoped that where possible participants will register for the entire week. However, we recognise that is not always possible, and so participants are able to book to attend only individual days. (However, individually this is charged at a higher rate.) The content of the workshop is training on textual research methods. It covers a basic introduction to programming fundamentals, how to use TEI Publisher for publishing TEI XML files, an introduction to Handwritten Text Recognition, data science/wrangling and text analysis, and an introduction to AI and Machine Learning.  

How do I register?

Registration is open and can be access from the 'Registration' page.

How much does it cost?

Although the research funding covers some of the costs, there is a registration charge.

Each Individual Day £30 £40
Full 5-day Week £125 £150

Any registrations cancelled after 10 days before the event will be subject to a 50% administration charge.

Who counts for a 'Student' or 'Concession' rate?

For the purposes of this workshop a student is anyone with an NUS student card or equivalent. The concession rate is available to those who are not in regular employment (retired, unwaged, etc.) If in doubt, ask. 

When and where will it take place?

The training workshop will take place from 9:00-17:00 Monday 23 May 2022 - Friday 27 May 2022 in the Herschel Building. This is directly across from the Haymarket Metro Station in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  See this google map

Is food provided?

Refreshments and Lunch will be provided to registered participants. Your dietary preferences will be asked for by registration or joining questionnaire. 

Is there a hybrid/virtual option?

Sadly, we are not able to provide hybrid or virtual version of the workshop. It is an in-person workshop.

Is accommodation provided?

The JUMPSTART workshop does not provide accommodation. Newcastle Upon Tyne is a large city with many hotels to suit all budgets. We often direct visitors to the Newcastle Sandman Signature Hotel

What workshop requirements are there?

  • All participants are expected to bring and use their own laptop. 
  • Some of the training of the workshop is better if software is installed, although in most cases there are also web-based alternatives
  • The workshops do not require any specific previous experience, but are focussed on specific topics, if you are worried about whether you know enough to take a workshop, then contact us.

What about COVID19?

If we have to cancel the workshop owing to COVID19 or any other reason, participants will get a full refund. Wearing masks while working in communal spaces is recommended but not required. There is enough space in the large training room for participants to spread out.  

What do I need to know before I attend?

Although the workshops do not presuppose any knowledge of the subject they are teaching they will not necessarily cover all related knowledge. For example, the Introduction to TEI Publisher is not an introduction to the TEI Guidelines themselves. 

Is JUMPSTART an acronym? What does it stand for? 

It is a tortuous acronym -- JUMPSTART: Joining Up Methodological Practices for Studying Texts with Advanced Research Training. Sorry about that.

What if I have more questions?

See the 'contact' page above.