Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg IMTEK

ALU-FR participates in In2PrimateBrains through the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg, Germany.  The department has expanded over the past years to become one of the largests academic insitututions worldwide dedicated to the education of microsystem engineers and the research and development of microsystem technologies.  Currently, IMTEK totals 23 professors and roughly 370 scientific and technical collaborations broadly engaged in all aspects of microsytems engineering from fundamental issues such as the chemistry of interfaces, via technology, materials science, numerical simulation, packaging technology, micro-optics, micro-actuators, sensors, electrical instrumentation, intergrated circuitry and engineering design to industrial applications.  The IMTEK counts among it's resources a 600 m2 clean-room for silicon technology, micromachining and packaging and the analytical infrastructure of all 23 research groups. 

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