Data Feed Service

Institutional Data Feed Service

A key output of the project is a fully documented and supported Institutional Data Feed Service (IDFS), which is now operational. Documents associated with the IDFS are listed below.

Data Service List

Newcastle University staff who require institutional data feeds are invited to use the Data Service email list to request flows and initiate a discussion about data strategies or approaches. They can email the list on


Most documents are available in .pdf format for maximum compatibility. Forms which must be filled in and informal reports are available as Word .doc files.

Project Outputs
Data Audit & Planning
Data Architecture
Data Feed Service & Policy Framework
Case Study
Engagement & Publicity
Key Stakeholder Event (19/01/09)
ISS Staff Event (01/05/09)
JASIG UK Group Meeting (22/04/09)


A number of videos have been created to document some of the tools being used by the project. To view these, please see the Videos page.