Project Team

Janet Wheeler

Project Manager

Information Systems and Services, Newcastle University

Tel: 0191 222 8062

Fax: 0191 222 8765

Rob Booth Applications Development Unit, ISS
Alan Cecchini SAP Development, ISS
Dave Churchley Information Applications & Delivery, ISS
Gary Davison Information Applications & Delivery, ISS
Jon Dowland Unix Infrastructure, ISS
Clare Johnson SAP Development, ISS
Jan Hesselberth Middleware, ISS
Andrew Martin Academic Services Support & Development, ISS
John Moss Learning Technologies for Medical Sciences
Jonathan Noble Windows Infrastructure, ISS
Cal Racey Middleware, ISS
Sunil Rodger Project Communications Officer, ISS
John Snowdon Learning Technologies for Medical Sciences
David Teasdale Learning Technologies for Medical Sciences
Paul Thompson Information Applications & Delivery, ISS
Steve Williams Director, ISS
Dave Wolfendale Assistant Director, Customer Services, ISS

All the project team are at Newcastle University and can be contacted collectively via