Instructions for Submissions



Word limit

There is, in theory, no word limit, although the Editors retain the right to prune articles that are especially verbose.



If the article contains Greek, please use a Unicode font; the font itself is immaterial, provided that it is Unicode.



  1. Greek authors should be cited as in LSJ, Latin authors as in OLD or Lewis & Short.
  2. Arabic numerals should be used in the references to primary sources: Paus. 9.29.4.
  3. References to secondary literature should follow the Harvard system, and be in the following form: Syme (1939) 123; Fraenkel (1957) 146-8.
  4. The bibliography should be listed at the end of the article. Use italics for book and journal titles: Parke, H. W. (1986) 'The Temple of Apollo at Didyma', JHS 106: 121–31. Syme, R. (1939) The Roman Revolution (Oxford). Wiseman, T. P. (1993) 'Lying Historians: Seven Types of Mendacity', in C. Gill and T. P. Wiseman, edd., Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World (Exeter and Austin, Tex.) 122–46.



Articles should be submitted in Word format to; if the article contains Greek, please also submit a PDF. The text itself should be anonymous. We expect that you will have not submitted your manuscript elsewhere, and will not do so until you are informed of Histos's decision. Papers following different editorial conventions may be submitted for consideration, with the understanding that appropriate formatting will be carried out by the author(s) if the article is accepted. We accept contributions in English, French, German, and Italian. If your paper is in English, please follow British spelling conventions.


All articles submitted for consideration must include an abstract of approximately 100 words and suggest six key-words.



Readers' responses are welcomed. Published papers will be open to named readers' comments and may themselves generate further articles and notes. Comments should be sent to


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