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HISTOS 12 (2018)





RICHARD RUTHERFORD, Herodotean Ironies, March 2018


JENNIFER GERRISH, The Blessed Isles and Counterfactual History in Sallust, March 2018


BRIAN D. MCPHEE, A Mad King in a Mad World: The Death of Cambyses in Herodotus, May 2018


ARTHUR M. ECKSTEIN, Learning from Thucydides: An Ancient Historian Writes Contemporary History, July 2018


LUCYNA KOSTUCH, Have Vultures Left the Battlefield? Scavengers and War in Greek Historiography, August 2018


MADS ORTVING LINDHOLMER, Reading Diachronically: A New Reading of Book 36 of Cassius Dio’s Roman History, October 2018







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